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. The earliest signs of throat cancer may include long term coughing. There are many factors that cause an individual to cough, nonetheless because this is one of the main body s protective reflexes, it is considered to be the prominent symptom of throat cancer. An obvious swelling on an individual s throat may be seen from patients who have throat cancer as a result of inability of the throat to let the air flow properly. Continual dry coughing becomes persistent since the body s natural reflex makes the effort to protect itself against microorganisms.

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Vaginal itching can be treated at home, except when the irritation becomes severe and unmanageable where medical help must be considered. Knowing the cause of the itchiness can aid on how to manage the vaginal uneasiness. Home care is the best alternative to treat and prevent vaginal itching, such as:

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Sosialisasi DAPEN-P2TEL di Jakarta

Sosialisasi DAPEN-P2TEL di Jakarta

Giliran Sosialisasi kini di Cabang :  Jaksel, dengan tempat Sosialisasi  :  Kantor Telkom Jakarta Selatan, Jl. Si Singamangaraja Kav. 4-6 pada hari :  Selasa, 13/11/12. Pembicara Materi, Dapentelkom : Djaka Rubijanto;  sedangkan tentang P2TEL oleh : Abang Anwar D. Sedangkan Pembicara lain dari YAKESTEL  Area Jakarta;  dan  Bank Saudara.   Sambutan Ketua PC Jakarta Selatan, […]