When and How Take Your Vitamin

Many of us take some kind of multi-vitamin on a daily basis to make sure we get everything we needs. While it is easy to know what you have to take, knowing when to take it is a bit trickier. Most Vitamins and nutrients have a specific function in our body, and they can do it a lot better if taken at the right time, and under the right conditions.

It might be tempting to just take all your vitamin pills at once and get it over with, but it’s not always good for you. The following tips will advise you on when and how to take your multi-vitamins, based on the chemical interaction they have with each other and with your body. Act according to these guidelines and you’ll know you are making the most out of your food supplements.

Vitamins that should be taken by noon:
Vitamin B1: Aids metabolism in the body and supports the nerve system.
Vitamin B12: Used to create red blood cells and relax you during times of anxiety.
Iron: Helps your body’s oxygen transfer and aids the immune system.
Q10: Prevents heart disease and improves sexual functions.

Vitamin C: Helps in creating new tissue and keep your teeth and immune system strong.
Each of these 5 has a strong stimulating effect on the body, so taking them in the morning will keep you full of energy all day long. Vitamin C is known to help in absorbing iron so it is recommended to take the two together, or eat food rich with one if you are taking a pill of the other Vitamins that should be taken with healthy fats:

Vitamin A: Needed to keep your skin, eyesight and bladder healthy.
Vitamin E: Protects the cell membranes and reduces the risk of heart problems.
Vitamin D: Prevents Diabetes and some types of Cancer.
Vitamin K: Helps keep your bones healthy and blood vessels strong.

Lycopene: Lowers the risk of heart and blood diseases, as well as some types of Cancer.
Lutein: Keeps your eyes healthy and protects you from Colon Cancer.
These are all fat soluble vitamins and need to be taken around the same time you eat certain fat foods, to be properly absorbed in your body. Ask your doctor which foods are best for you to eat while taking theses vitamins.

IMPORTANT: Be Careful with Vitamin K and Vitamin E interactions. Large quantities of vitamin E can interfere with the ability of your body to utilize vitamin K

What should be taken during the evening:
Magnesium: Required for healthy muscle activity and for most of the “construction” your body does.
Calcium: Essential for strong bones and many body activities.
Both of these important minerals are being used by our body when we rest. They also have help relax your body and deal with some cases of sleep disorders.

IMPORTANT: Do not take Iron supplements the same time you take calcium as they may act ageist each other so that neither is properly absorbed. Wait for about 4 hours between each one to make sure you get all the healthy benefits you need.

What shouldn’t you have after taking vitamins?
Coffee, tea and many kinds of sweet soda drinks can hinder your ability to fully absorb the vitamins and minerals from your food supplements. Take the pills with either water or natural juices, and do your best to avoid other drinks for at least two hours

Take Vitamins regularly
Our bodies are always using vitamins and minerals and always clean themselves so more food and nutrients will be available for use. Taking vitamin pills once every now and then won’t have a real impact on your health. You need to keep a steady flow of whatever it is you are taking, so you will have a good cycle of proper absorption and digestion. Speak with your doctor about how many times should you take each of your vitamin pills, and for how long.

Read the RDA
Too much of a good thing might not always be so good… The recommended daily allowances of vitamins is generally found on the labels and information booklets that come with multivitamins. Since many of the foods we eat today are already full of nutrients you need to know which foods you might need to stop eating, when taking certain vitamin. (Jan Maringka;

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